Awesome CSS Methodology!

There was a issue I faced after a learning a little about Css. The first question which came to my mind was –  how do I organize this!?   Css methodologies are here to fix that. I recently learned about this particular methodology called BEM and I will try my best to teach this to […]

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Notes on Markdown

Mou is an app to write in markdown Online Ide is Paragraphs ,Headers and Text Styles-  Markdown requires a full newline for something to become a paragraph Two sets of underscores(_)/stars(*) will make the content bold – **alu** – alu one set of  underscores(_)/stars(*) will make the content italic – *alu* – alu Double ~ will do […]

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Notes on primeNg

This will act as a reference on how to use the prime ng website properly since some things are not clearly given. First step: Add the import statement given in the documentation in your app.module.ts file Then add the module to your imports. Step two: Add the tag to the template as given in the […]

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Angular Forms in Depth

The topics covered in this note – 1. Form Controls – Encapsulates the input in our forms and gives us objects 2. Validators– Validate our data 3.Observer– Lets us watch our form and react accordingly Two main parts – Form Control Form Group Form Control- Represents single input field Form Control encapsulates the field values & states. […]

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Angular Component Design

This way will show you a procedure to follow when creating something complicated with angular. The way i propose it may not be the best way out there but is simple and good to have in your arsenal. Using their procedure i have had success un-complicating complex components.   Step 1 – Break down the […]

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The Memory Palace

The memory palace is a technique which I first got exposure to from the superlearner 2.0 course on skill share. And its an awesome technique. The main idea is to use our Geo-spatial memory to remember stuff, as it is more developed than the other forms of memory we have. So, how to get started? […]

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The Learning Method I Use

Well, after reading a few books by tony buzan, ron white and harry lorayne and also going through the super learner course on skillshare, I have come up with a particular procedure that I use in the time that I study. Mnemonics are very useful in order to memorize lists, but I find them slightly […]

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