Automata Theory: A Rant

“Why do I need to learn automata theory?What applications does it have?I dont understand it” “It is used in parsing”   Not directly applicable, is what I thought then. It was about a year after that I understood that Automata theory was more, much more. Many students think Automata Theory is useless. This is much further […]

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React or Angular? And Why? Thoughts!

by Nikhilesh Pandey I have been reading about the unsureness of many who are doing research on Angular and React, trying to figure out which one they would want to start learning. I, Myself was in this position at one point in time, and this post might help you get an alternative look at things. First, to […]

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Notes on Markdown

Mou is an app to write in markdown Online Ide is Paragraphs ,Headers and Text Styles-  Markdown requires a full newline for something to become a paragraph Two sets of underscores(_)/stars(*) will make the content bold – **alu** – alu one set of  underscores(_)/stars(*) will make the content italic – *alu* – alu Double ~ will do […]

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The Memory Palace

The memory palace is a technique which I first got exposure to from the superlearner 2.0 course on skill share. And its an awesome technique. The main idea is to use our Geo-spatial memory to remember stuff, as it is more developed than the other forms of memory we have. So, how to get started? […]

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The Learning Method I Use

Well, after reading a few books by tony buzan, ron white and harry lorayne and also going through the super learner course on skillshare, I have come up with a particular procedure that I use in the time that I study. Mnemonics are very useful in order to memorize lists, but I find them slightly […]

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