Angular Directives vs Components

“Custom directive?Or should this be better put as a component?” This question haunts a lot of people who work with angular.They find this a confusing loop where both can be used to achieve something ,but the voice saying ‘Tis is thy right path’ has not developed yet. The best way to decide would probably be to […]

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Angular Best practices!

It is known in the developer word that not following best practices can create major issues in usage of a framework.Angular is no exception. In this blog post, I will highlight some best practices that I have picked up. File Naming and Folder structure –  Use the angular cli for creating components, services etc.It will […]

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Notes on primeNg

This will act as a reference on how to use the prime ng website properly since some things are not clearly given. First step: Add the import statement given in the documentation in your app.module.ts file Then add the module to your imports. Step two: Add the tag to the template as given in the […]

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Angular Forms in Depth

The topics covered in this note – 1. Form Controls – Encapsulates the input in our forms and gives us objects 2. Validators– Validate our data 3.Observer– Lets us watch our form and react accordingly Two main parts – Form Control Form Group Form Control- Represents single input field Form Control encapsulates the field values & states. […]

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Angular Component Design

This way will show you a procedure to follow when creating something complicated with angular. The way i propose it may not be the best way out there but is simple and good to have in your arsenal. Using their procedure i have had success un-complicating complex components.   Step 1 – Break down the […]

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