Stoicism- a philosophy for Indian engineers


My first exposure to this has been in the book – The obstacle is the way.

I would say it’s an awesome book – life changing even.

Stoicism is the most practical life philosophy I have read about till date –

Accept life as it is.

Obstacles are only obstacles if we perceive them to be thus.

They are also hidden opportunities to practice skills that we may not get otherwise.

Example –

You get a job at a company who is willing to pay you 15,000 Rs per month.After living expenses, you have about 4000 Rs cash is hand,which is very difficult to survive on, even if you save the whole amount.

You can complain about your company not giving you what you deserve, you can complain that lady luck has left you,


You can see this as a opportunity to experience the world through the eyes of a common man in India.You can cultivate patience, budget planning and a horde of other skills which will only lead to improve you.

If in the future you work in your own company or in a early stage startup, you might have to live with these same standard of salary for a while.

Use this chance to make yourself used to living minimally, so that when you get more, you are able to save more and make yourself much much more richer.


If this sounds easier said than done, that is true.

We have been brought up with a different philosophy in mind, so thinking in terms of another framework will always require more time.

Read the books by Ryan Holiday.

They are the best and most accessible books out there on stoicism.

Don’t start with Marcus Aurelius’ meditations.It is slightly difficult to read in the beginning if you are not a hardcore reader.




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