Something all engineering college students should read

“Mobile application developers don’t get paid as much as real software developers”

“If you get into web development, you will be stuck with a mediocre salary”

“Focus only on C ,C++ and Java.Don’t go into that php, python things.And most importantly don’t learn a particular framework.If you mention that in interview or in your CV, they will ask very tough questions and you will get rejected”.

These are a few examples of  what I heard from my seniors in college, when I enrolled for a Computer Science and Engineering degree.

Those ****’s did not know what they were talking about.And I have seen this sort of mentality driving down the quality of engineering graduates.

In Bangalore as well as the rest of India, the demand of mobile application developers is huge.Same for web developers.

I am yet to see proper opportunities for Java developers, C developers or C++ developers.Most jobs want you to have exposure to the hot new technologies.

Making a school scheduling system in java enterprise edition in your winter training doesn’t cut it.

And you absolutely cannot depend on your college, since the education system is flawed.

Here’s a sample of a schedule engineering graduates should follow –

Learning path for javascript –

  • Learn basic dom manipulation with javascript, some Html and CSS – 1st yr 1st Sem.
  • Make some beautiful tribute websites and publish them on github pages
  • Learn how to use the canvas element of html 5 with javascript and learn using a framework like pixi.js 1st yr 2nd Sem
  • Make a few games with pixi.js. Publish them somewhere. Github pages support static websites so that is a good option. 2nd Year 1st semester
  • Now web development.Learn node.js. Best resource is wesbos’s node.js tutorial. 2nd Year 2nd Sem
  • Create web applications and load them on github. Do version control,work with your friends to learn solving merge issues and add new features every version.Publish them on heroku and share them on your linkedIn page.3rd year.
  • You now have a readymade portfolio. Go into the deep dark depths of javascript. Learn a front end framework.Do no let your knowledge of javascript die out.It will make it much much easier to get a new job.

Many people will ask – why javascript?

Javascript is hard, that’s why.And it’s absurdly powerful and popular.

You get frameworks like node.js and electron.You can target all platforms with this.You have access to npm, which is the biggest library network and also makes it very easy to import libraries.


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