Automata Theory: A Rant

“Why do I need to learn automata theory?What applications does it have?I dont understand it”
“It is used in parsing”


Not directly applicable, is what I thought then.
It was about a year after that I understood that Automata theory was more, much more.
Many students think Automata Theory is useless.
This is much further away from the truth.
A practical use will be string manipulation questions asked often in interviews.Using a finite state machine it can easily be modeled and solved.
Complicated situations can easily be simplified and organized using the modelling used in Automata theory.
Pseudo intelligence can be made for game development and similar cases.
Regular expressions are used by developers all the time, but students graduating from college barely remember what they imply and what they should know.
Automata theory is a major application of graph theory and all modern computer designs are based off this.
Object Oriented Programming also has a design pattern available for creating Finite State Machines called the state design pattern.
No matter what sort of developer you are, this subject will build the foundation of whatever you develop.

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