React or Angular? And Why? Thoughts!

by Nikhilesh Pandey

I have been reading about the unsureness of many who are doing research on Angular and React, trying to figure out which one they would want to start learning. I, Myself was in this position at one point in time, and this post might help you get an alternative look at things.

First, to start with if you are totally new to javascript and its frameworks(Angular & React), the best place to start will be developing your javascript skills and getting in a blend with them as much as possible as mastering javascript takes a lot of time.

Moreover, javascript being the base for all of its frameworks (Obvious), will empower you to switch frameworks with ease (if ever needed).
For this, I would suggest going through Free Code Camp’s challenges and syllabus, cause it will make this path of tedious learning, pretty easy for you. 
For the ones who are already done with Javascript and want to start with any of the frameworks as soon as possible, I would suggest going first with Angular, as it will make the things you try afterward seem easier.
Also I think Angular is “Batteries Included”, as everything will be provided by the framework itself and the newer versions are getting more and more stable.
Whereas React is more of a wild west, it has got tons of options to utilize, let alone the ways to style your component and seems easier to understand and work with.
The plus point is that it has a mature ecosystem and community, though all this is just my opinion as my world revolves around Angular (i.e. work life and learning). 

For the ones who have time to experiment with both,  I would recommend to try out building small and simple yet useful projects like the classic to-do app and find out ways they both are similar, different, easier or harder, then pick one which is more interesting to you and later go deeper.

I hope this Post helps you get an alternative look at things and makes this choice a bit easier.


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