Hacking the User Experience – Review

“Just stick to the mocks” – I was tired of hearing this from the designer whenever I suggested a change, mainly because a few features were sort of hard to implement and there may be better alternatives.Why don’t designers understand the perspectives of the developer!?-I thought.That was until I did this course on UX.


UX is a short form for User Experience, a sort of buzzword most developers see floating about in the midst of the whole ecosystem of buzzwords in the software world today.But it is necessary that web developers should learn about it, because it is important.


UX is something that influences a lot of decisions made about software nowadays and not knowing a little bit about it can make us confused, such as why a certain decision is being taken.Understanding why makes all the difference for us developers.


The reason I recommend this course is because UX is vital for creating a solution that will be loved by the users.


The narrator of this course explains in very simple terms how UX works and why certain decisions are necessary for the benefit of the user.

It allows the developer to gain some insight how to get a fresh perspective on certain questions that may arise in our mind and which may remain unanswered.


The narrator also does not go into aspects which are not required(Warning:Double negative in last sentence 😛 ).This makes it much much easier to digest the information being fed to us.


The only part where I feel the author left out in terms of content is describing how to further study user experience.Though he recommended a few things, I feel that more content should be provided for further study.


I suppose after going through this course, more productive communication can start between the designer and the developer, without the developer feeling like an ass 😛


This course is available on pluralsight, by the same name as the title.


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