Interview of a Competitive Programmer

“This is too hard” “I dont know where I should start! All the problems are mind boggling” Competitive programming is a way out for aspiring developers working in colleges to get awesome jobs and build a career in the software industry. Especially in this competitive market where the disconnect of college education and industry knowledge […]

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Angular Directives vs Components

“Custom directive?Or should this be better put as a component?” This question haunts a lot of people who work with angular.They find this a confusing loop where both can be used to achieve something ,but the voice saying ‘Tis is thy right path’ has not developed yet. The best way to decide would probably be to […]

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Automata Theory: A Rant

“Why do I need to learn automata theory?What applications does it have?I dont understand it” “It is used in parsing”   Not directly applicable, is what I thought then. It was about a year after that I understood that Automata theory was more, much more. Many students think Automata Theory is useless. This is much further […]

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React or Angular? And Why? Thoughts!

by Nikhilesh Pandey I have been reading about the unsureness of many who are doing research on Angular and React, trying to figure out which one they would want to start learning. I, Myself was in this position at one point in time, and this post might help you get an alternative look at things. First, to […]

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Hacking the User Experience – Notes

“Free Notes Everyone!” is what I want to scream out loud. Don’t wait for anything, just learn User Experience.It will change the way you think. User experience requires a lot of things to be known to properly make evaluations and plan stuff. Some of these “things” are – Human Computer Interaction Human Factors Cognitive Sciences […]

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Angular Best practices!

It is known in the developer word that not following best practices can create major issues in usage of a framework.Angular is no exception. In this blog post, I will highlight some best practices that I have picked up. File Naming and Folder structure –  Use the angular cli for creating components, services etc.It will […]

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